Our Solution

EPR's Budget Portal was designed to showcase a City or County’s annual budget.
The Budget Portal provides a unique view of municipal financial data in a visual way with exports of the data available for those more curious citizens looking to do their own in-depth analysis!
The system is updated by your staff using any ERP financial system by a simple exporting of tables for revenues and expenditures, even salary data…on your timetable and on your terms.
The essence of being “transparent” with your municipal budget can be a snap using EPR’s Budget Portal.
Engage your citizens -  provide a simple transparency solution from EPR for all those curious seekers of public data!



  • Multiple chart display options, filtering, and search capabilities

  • Chart drill down from graph display to payments made to Vendors

  • Review expenditures by fund or by department

  • Track revenues collected YTD by Fund

  • Compare current budgets to actuals spent YTD

  • See the largest consumers of the municipal budget

  • Suitable for LIVE Commission meetings to address ad-hoc financial queries

  • Export reports to other formats (PDF, Excel, JPEG)

  • Responsive Web & mobile design – Compatible for all mobile devices ( iOS and Android)



  • ​Improves staff productivity. Reduces staff time to complete both public records and internal departmental requests

  • Improves customer service. Provides 24/7 on-demand access to your budget

  • Builds trust within your community. Opening your books for review is an empowering act that will help build trust between citizens and government.

  • Empowers, educates, and increases communication with Citizens

  • Friendly UI (User Interface)

  • AWS clouded – no need for local servers